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Here at, we are passionate about all things related to music and audio sound systems. From home and car audio systems, we aim to provide as much as information possible about amplifiers, speakers, and all associated components in-car audio systems, home HiFi audio, and home theatre sound systems.

My name is David Georges and I have been a keen music buff for many years. Having a great sound system is an absolute pleasure and over the years I have learned a great deal about how sound systems work and how to get the best sound system at a reasonable cost.

One way to get a great system is to build your own. I have built several top-quality sound systems from scratch including both tube amplifiers and solid-state amps for home and car applications. Building speakers is somewhat of a specialty for me and I have constructed many different types over the years.

The quest for top-quality sound is something many of us strive for, hopefully, you will find the tools and information that you seek on our site that will let you appreciate the delight of music through top-quality sound gear and hi-fi equipment.

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