I suck at blogs…

I have totally ignored this blog for awhile (not that I ever was good at blogging anyway). I blame it on my damn day job, I just can’t find time to do anything but work… oh, and not to mention that I just had a kid 16 weeks ago (a beautiful baby girl named Mila!!). For all you expecting or aspiring parents out there; It’s great and fun, but get ready cuz it’s work!! A lot of work!!

Anyway, I am gonna try and get back to blogging about free music related topics, and maybe I’ll just start blogging about anything and everything. I don’t think people actually read my blog anyway!

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Comcast and AT&T are in Bed with the RIAA

Looks like there is a threesome going down… and it doesn’t turn me on.

The word is that AT&T and Comcast, two of the nation’s largest Internet service providers, are expected to be among a group of ISPs that will cooperate with the Recording Industry Association of America in battling illegal file sharing.

The RIAA, a lobbying group representing the four largest recording companies, said last month that it had enlisted the help of ISPs as part of a new antipiracy campaign. They have declined to identify which ISPs or how many.

It’s important to note that none of the half dozen or so ISPs involved have signed agreements at this point. The companies are “skittish” about negative press and could still back out, sources said. But as it stands, AT&T and Comcast are among the companies willing to participate in what the RIAA calls a “graduated response program.”

I call it B.S.

Read the full article via cNet News

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New Nine Inch Nails Album (The Slip) Released for Free Download…

Nine Inch Nails’ new album, The Slip, is available as a free application under a Creative Commons license on Playapp.com. The downloadable PlayApp contains 10 extractable 192 kbps MP3 songs, and 14 high resolution JPG pictures.

via BeatCrave

download it here

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Beastie Boys Are Re-Releasing Paul’s Boutique

In celebration of the album’s 20th anniversary, the Beastie Boys are re-releasing Paul’s Boutique (one of my favorite albums of all time)! The release date is still to be determined, but the Beasties have offered up some information on the new version of their classic album.

“The other day at the studio, we saw the artwork for the CD,” Mike D said. “And it finally looks proper. After years in the making, on its 20th anniversary, it’s going to finally be correct.”

“We remastered it too,” MCA added. “So now it actually does have enough bass to shatter your one frozen testicle.”

My advice… if you have a frozen testicle, turn your bass down!!!

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The Stooges Legend Ron Asheton Passes at the Age of 60

Okay, so this may not have anything to do with remixes, but it does have a lot to do with music.

A co-founder and lead guitarist of The Stooges, Ronald Franklin Asheton, dies at the age of 60. I had the pleasure of seeing The Stooges at the 9:30 Club in D.C. last year. It was a great show and I was so thrilled to be able to see such a legendary band. Now I am sad for his family and friends, and for any fan of The Stooges that will never see Ron play live music again.

Read Iggy’s statement

RIP Ron…


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