Some New Free Remixes

More free remixes were added to the funky music collection recently (7 to be specific). Check them out and let us know what you think…

Just Dance, by DJiz
An electronic, hip hop styled remix featuring vocals from CaraMel G.

Gold Teeth Remix, by Wade Alin
A rap rock remix that samples Chuck D’s No Meaning No.

You Asked For It (World Is Different Mix), by DJ Blue
Samples JFK from his 1961 Inaugural Address… some scratching too!

Life of Luxury (Second Hand Treatment), by Teru
Some funky hip hop with vocals from Boddyker, Nails and G’Wills.

Crazy Love(Shadow) UK2NYC, by Loveshadow
A smooth hip hop remix featuring amazing vocals from Frank Carter III.

Crazy Love, by MC Jack in the Box
Another remix featuring vocals from Frank Carter III (yes, he is that good).

Bong Crisby (Doobie Doo), by Fourstones
A funky, instrumental remix… this one has some great bass and guitar.

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