Franz Ferdinand ‘Ulysses’ Remix Competition

Yeah, I know… it’s been awhile since I posted anything remix related. Sorry, blame my day job.

Anyway, here’s a cool remix competition, but you only have until Nov. 25 to get your remix entered. What’s cool about this remix contest is that Franz Ferdinand is not releasing their final version of “Ulysses” until January… so all you remixers out there can create something totally new and fresh without being influenced by their original work. I loved this idea, so I had to spread the word.

Contest Details;

Two remix parts are available to download for free, and there’s also a premium bundle for sale for $3.99 containing all the parts to ‘Ulysses’. Participants are free to remix the track into whatever genre they like, and the top remix will be released on Domino Records.

The submission phase of the ‘’Ulysses’ Remix Competition starts on November 11, 2008 12.01am MST and ends on November 25, 2008 at 11.59pm MST.

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