Comcast and AT&T are in Bed with the RIAA

Looks like there is a threesome going down… and it doesn’t turn me on.

The word is that AT&T and Comcast, two of the nation’s largest Internet service providers, are expected to be among a group of ISPs that will cooperate with the Recording Industry Association of America in battling illegal file sharing.

The RIAA, a lobbying group representing the four largest recording companies, said last month that it had enlisted the help of ISPs as part of a new antipiracy campaign. They have declined to identify which ISPs or how many.

It’s important to note that none of the half dozen or so ISPs involved have signed agreements at this point. The companies are “skittish” about negative press and could still back out, sources said. But as it stands, AT&T and Comcast are among the companies willing to participate in what the RIAA calls a “graduated response program.”

I call it B.S.

Read the full article via cNet News

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