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WTF?!?! The RIAA’s New Plan… Shut Down Internet Access for Suspected Music Sharers.

I almost spit coffee on my computer when I read this… Then, I thought about the word “idiot” and how the RIAA must be made up exclusively of idiots. So their new plan is this… with help from ISPs, the … Continue reading

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Spain is the King of Europe…

When it comes to illegal music downloads, Spain is the king of Europe. More than 1.2 billion music tracks were illegally downloaded from computers in Spain during 2007, according to authors’ and publishers’ society SGAE. In fact, the number of … Continue reading

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Who Do You Hate More… The Press or RIAA?

Wow, what a intesting question… for me anyway because I dislike them both. I hate the way the RIAA stages witch hunts on College campuses for students who participate in what is referred to as music piracy. I am not … Continue reading

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Prince Moves To Sue Fans Sites

My first response was… Does prince have fans? It turns out he does, and it turns out he has served legal notices to owners of Prince fan sites ordering them to remove all images of the singer, his lyrics and … Continue reading

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Bucky Jonson Release New Studio Tracks for Remixing

For those of you who don’t know… Bucky Jonson has been the backing band behind the Black Eyed Peas for many years. Now they are ready to take the stage themselves and want to open their music up to remixers. … Continue reading

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