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Dr. Dre Files Lawsuit Against Death Row

Dr. Dre (Andre Young) has a filed a lawsuit against his former label Death Row Records over copyright ownership to the album “The Chronic.” In 1996, Dr. Dre agreed to give up 50% ownership of the rights to the album … Continue reading

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RIAA Sends More Pre-Litigation Letters to University Students

503 pre-litigation settlements letters have been sent to 58 different Universities from the RIAA. These letters are part of the RIAA’s education and deterrence campaign that is focusing on illegal file sharing on college campuses. This campaign offers students a … Continue reading

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Some New Free Remixes

More free remixes were added to the funky music collection recently (7 to be specific). Check them out and let us know what you think… Just Dance, by DJiz An electronic, hip hop styled remix featuring vocals from CaraMel G. … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart Selling Music Online Without DRM

DRM, or digital rights management, is a technology being used by publishers and other copyright holders to limit the piracy of digital media and devices. Most record labels insist that online music retailers employ DRM to prevent rampant copying and … Continue reading

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Remixers… check this out.

Creative Commons, DJ Vadim and BBE have released all original solo, individual instrumental and a cappella tracks for DJ Vadim’s “Soundcatcher” album under an Attribution NonCommercial license. This is cool because remixers and producers can freely sample these audio sources … Continue reading

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