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New DJ Vadim Remix...

June 5th , 2007

This remix, by Jr Eake, won the DJ Vadim "Kill Kill Kill", "Talk to Me" remix contest featured at It's a great reggae styled remix.

Jr EakEe Remix (Kill Kill Kill), by Jr EakEe.

A Bunch of New Remixes, Featured in a New Music Section.

June 16th , 2007

We have created a new section for the music collection...

It's called Noteable Music and Remixes, and it is a collection of remixes using samples from songs by famous artists.

Here are the artists that have been remixed:

Beastie Boys

David Byrne

Chuck D

Danger Mouse and Jemini

DJ Vadim

Fort Minor

Le Tigre

My Morning Jacket


The Rapture

Thievery Corporation

Zap Mama

Unfortunately, thats all the artists we can offer legally. But, I think you will like the collection of remixes, mash ups and cuts we have picked.

New Free Rap/Rock Remix Added.

June 16th , 2007

What's up everyone?... it's saturday afternoon, and I am waiting for my friends to pick me up (we are heading to a beer festival). So I decided to start drinking as I wait... and to add a remix to the website.

It's a rap/rock styled remix by Johnnok of DJ Vadim's Kill Kill Kill. This remix features the powerful Kathrin Vocals, if you haven't her, you really should.

My friends are here, enjoy the remix...

4 New Remixes, and a New Funky Instrumental.

June 5th , 2007

I added 3 new remixes and a new funky instrumental...There's some funky stuff, some electronic sounding stuff and some Deutscheunschuld stuff.

Whatever (Nyx Mix), by Citizen Nyx.

What Cha Need (DU's bounce), by Deutscheunschuld

Crazy Love The Alex & Lang mix, by J. Lang, and features FHC and Alex

Kill Kill Kill (3th world remix), by DJ Raff


And a funky instrumental by Lavoura Eletro, Free Funky Chillin'.


"Whatever" and "Free Funky Chillin" use samples from the Militia Mix Samples Library created by Chuck D. featuring Fine Arts Militia.

New Album Added - Funky Instrumentals.

June 5th , 2007

Here is a great new album addition... Funky Instrumentals. (no acapellas!)
There are some really funky remixes on this album, and it's available for download now. Featuring remixes using samples from DJ Vadim, Beastie Boys and Chuck D.

Check out the Music Collection

Get Funky.... Coming Soon

Download a Funky Album.
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