Planet Audio Amplifier Review

Planet Audio Amplifier Review

Music is widely recognized as an art form, because of the expression that it allows. Creating your own masterpieces is easier than ever before with a high-quality amp.

Planet Audio has a reputation for offering a complete line of sound amplifiers for a range of purposes. The quality of products available, as well as the range, makes it easy to assume that each item is made to a high standard.

From blasting your favorite playlist in the car to tuning your guitar, it’s crucial that you are getting crisp sound quality so that you can enjoy music to its full potential.

We’ve tested out Planet Audio’s amplifiers so that you don’t have to. Here is a complete Planet audio amplifier review of the properties on offer with this brand’s range of amps.

Planet audio amplifier review Description

There is a selection of amplifiers available from Planet Audio, which have been finished to a high standard.

Each amp has a more modern appearance than other music amplifiers, which certainly helps Planet Audio stand out from the competition.

The amps are sleek and include multiple input and output settings that are easy to adjust based on your preferences.

Because of this, Planet Audio amps as great for a range of uses. This makes them some of the most versatile amplifiers available.

Additionally, most Planet Audio amps come with remote subwoofer control. This means that you can use these amplifiers for a large variety of musical inputs, regardless of your preferences.

We would recommend this selection of amps to anyone who wants to experiment with different settings and distortion.

Sound Quality

Planet Audio AC1500.1M Monoblock Car Amplifier - 1500 Watts Max Power, 2/4 Ohm Stable, Class A/B, Mosfet Power Supply, Remote Subwoofer Control

When it comes to reviewing amplifiers, the most important thing to consider is sound quality.

Planet Audio amps have highly impressive sound quality. Being able to adjust the low bass means that the sound output can easily be customized to generate the best results.

Thanks to the phase control feature, users can adjust the settings on Planet Audio amps to make each signal work together. This is easy to do with these amplifiers because of the phase control feature.

The Planet Audio amps are very easy to use in general, as they have been made with you in mind. This means that you can experiment with different frequencies, bass settings, and more, with minimal effort.

Subsonic filters are also great for using Planet Audio amps with subwoofers. It allows each speaker to be easily adjusted according to the best bass response.

This is ideal for music that is heavier in base, and if you like to play around with different output settings.

These amplifiers allow complete freedom when it comes to adjusting the overall sound quality and achieving the best possible results.

Planet Audio AC1500.1M Monoblock Car Amplifier - 1500 Watts Max Power, 2/4 Ohm Stable, Class A/B, Mosfet Power Supply, Remote Subwoofer Control
  • power: max power output of 1500 watts at 2 ohms into one channel. maximum power output of 750 watts at 4 ohms into one channel. this amplifier is designed to run your subwoofer(s) giving them the power that they need to perform as they were meant to
  • high level inputs: speaker level inputs are commonly referred to as high-level inputs. this input will be used to connect the ac1500.1m to your factory radio or aftermarket radio that does not have low-level (rca) inputs
  • low level inputs: line level inputs, also known as rca inputs or low-level inputs, use rca interconnect cables to link the ac1500.1m with the source unit. most aftermarket radios have multiple pairs of rca outputs that can connect to multiple amplifiers
  • low-pass crossover: a low-pass filter is an electronic circuit that removes all the notes below the filter's frequency setting. a low-pass filter will primarily keep high notes out of your subwoofer(s)
  • variable bass boost: variable bass boost allows you to adjust the low bass within the boost range to just the way you like it

Easy To Connect

Another key feature of Planet Audio amplifiers is the ease of use. Thanks to the range of input and output options, you will be able to adjust the settings according to your musical input.

This means that Planet Audio amps can easily be used for a complete range of sound outputs.

Simply connect your Planet Audio amplifier to the necessary cables, and you’re ready to go. This could be a kicker, single voice coils, or a pioneer champion.

The great thing about Planet Audio amps is that they are so versatile. This means that you can use it for a huge range of things, and it would be in the best amplifier category for your musical setup.


Something that makes Planet Audio stand out from other amps is the sleek design and appearance in general. The logo lights up when it is in use, which gives a futuristic feel to the product.

We liked how unique Planet Audio amps are in their display because they don’t look like regular amps.

They are also a little smaller than other amps, which makes them easier to install or carry around when you need to.

Planet Audio amps have a slightly more rectangular shape in comparison to other amps. This means that it is easy to tuck into a bag or guitar case when you are on the go.

Heat Protection

Another key feature of the Planet Audio amps that stood out for us is the heat-protective element.

The thermal protection feature will switch off the amp so that it can cool down. Once it has reached a safe temperature, then the amp will turn back on for you to safely use.

The same thing will happen with the output. We’ve all been there when a speaker breaks, and it can damage the amp that it’s connected to.

If a speaker starts to malfunction, or if it causes an electrical shortage, then Planet Audio amps will cut off the output.

Considering how affordable the range of amplifiers is, we were blown away by the protective features that these amps provide.

This makes the range ideal for a complete range of uses, without needing to worry about the equipment overheating or breaking.

Additional Wiring Can Help

Additional Wiring Can Help

The biggest disadvantage of the Planet Audio amplifiers is that they can distort the sound when the gains are turned up.

This can lead to damaged speakers if it is done continuously. Because of this, it is worth using the right connections for any Planet Audio amp in order to avoid this.

The power that is used can also drain any vehicle battery when on auxiliary mode if care is not taken.

In order to get around this, it is recommended that you purchase additional power sources if you are planning on using Planet Audio amps in your car or van.

It is worth remembering that the range of products offered by Planet Audio is considered budget-friendly. Because of this, there will likely be some limitations on the output that can be generated.

However, Planet Audio is still an ideal choice if you are on a budget. The crisp sound that can be achieved is highly impressive, and it is only natural that there are some disadvantages to these products.

Test The Products

If you aren’t sure about the type of sound input that your Planet Audio amp can handle, it is recommended that you carry out a test. This can prevent you from pushing the power too far and blowing up your speakers or subwoofers.

As a general rule, the amount of power should be tested before attaching too many extra features. This allows you to see if you are pushing the amp beyond its limits.

Everybody’s setup is different, and it is worth looking at your own to figure out whether the Planet Audio amplifier would be an appropriate fit for you.

Overall Pros And Cons


The Planet Audio amps come in a range of sizes, which makes for ideal transportation when necessary.

It is easy to connect these amps to your input and output sources, compared with other amplifiers on the market.

The range of Planet Audio amps offers an impressive standard of product for those that are on a budget. There is no need to compromise the quality of the amp if you want an affordable product.

A sleek, modern design adds a stylish touch to any musical setup. The LED lights on the logo are a unique touch, which particularly stood out to us.

Heat protective features prevent the amp from breaking if it has been overloaded. There are also protective features to protect it from a damaged speaker or subwoofer.


It is recommended that you check the power requirements or even test the amps out for yourself to see how compatible they are with your setup.

There have been some issues regarding the power that these amps can cope with. As a general rule, anything with particularly high gains should be used with caution.


When it comes to playing music in your vehicle, it is important that you find the right amplifier for your existing speakers and inputs. The Planet Audio amps are ideal for use in cars, and when they are connected to musical instruments.

Music is an excellent way of expressing yourself and releasing emotions. Make sure you are finding the right amp for your musical needs, that is easy to connect and has plenty of protective features.

The Planet Audio is a great amp with heat-protective features that shut off when the interior reaches a certain temperature.

It is also a great all-around amp that is ideal for those on a budget who want to hear crisp, high-quality music.

Remember to test the amp and its connections ahead of time, to see if it will cope with multiple input sources at the same time.

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