JBL 6×9 Speakers GTO939 Co-Axial – A Complete Review

If you are looking to replace your 6×9 factory car speakers, then the JBL 6×9 speakers model GTO939 is what you are looking for. Once the factory speakers drop the sound quality, replacing the factory speakers can improve the sound & performance. 

Also, you should replace your car speakers every four to six years. It will keep your car’s audio system up to date. The JBL GTO939 speakers are affordable and worth the price. But, you should know the features of the JBL 6×9 speakers before buying. Therefore, we are going to review these speakers in the article. 

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jbl 6x9 speakers
JBL 6×9 Speakers

JBL 6×9 Speakers: Features & Benefits

The JBL is a well-known brand for low-price and high-quality car audio speakers. It is also the best brand for home theaters and other items in the world. The JBL 6×9 speakers provide an excellent bass response. They are also long-lasting. 

The JBL GTO939 Coaxial Speaker is one of them. It is a pair of two 6”×9” 3-way car speakers. The shining treat of these premium speakers is 94DB sensitivity. It proves that the speakers are can get loud without using much power. 

The JBL 6×9 speakers use one-inch mylar titanium to provide extra detail and clear sound. You may know that the mylar-titanium blend makes the tweeter lightweight. It also gives the tweeter extra strength. 

The JBL 6×9 speakers come with a large voice coil similar to high-end home audio speakers. These JBL coaxial speakers also come with adjustable tweeters. It allows you to modify and optimize the tweeter sound. 

These JBL speakers have a low intense voice coil. It also uses a 3-ohm speaker to extract more power. They are premium speakers that have a 46Hz to 21 kHz range. It means you can access dog-whistle-level high notes with these great car speakers. 

Because of the design of these speakers, you will get much better sound quality. It comes with larger carbon-injected cone compared to other 6”×9” car speakers. It comes with a large surface area to high-quality bass. 

You can enjoy hip-hop, dubstep, and funk with this high-quality bass effect. These JBL speakers are also easy to install. You do not need to find a perfect place to install the speakers.  Also, you can easily install these speakers without any modification or special tools. 

The JBL installation rigs are also included with these speakers. These JBL 6×9 speakers come with one year warranty if you purchase online or from an authorized local retailer. It also offers a 30-days return policy. 

JBL GTO939 Premium Speakers: Price

The JBL GTO939 speakers are one of the most affordable car speakers on the market. Its price is too low according to the performance and sound quality you will get. The HBL GTO939 is also Amazon’s choice with more than 1K reviews. It is available for under $200 on amazon. 

GTO939 Speakers: Specification

  • 6×9 inch three-way loudspeaker pair 
  • 94 db sensitivity 
  • Adjustable mylar-titanium tweeter and super tweeter with dual-level control
  • 300 watts peak power range
  • Three-inch mounting depth 
  • True 4-ohm design 
  • Comes with plus one woofer cones for high output and deep bass
  • Offers one year warranty and 30 days return policy 
  • 46hz to 21 kHz frequency response 
  • 152×229 mm diver diameter 
  • Made of durable and high-quality materials 

What Others Are Saying about JBL Speakers?

The JBL 6×9 speakers are popular on amazon. There are more than 1K user reviews on Amazon. From these 1K reviews, 90% of customers are happy with the JBL GTO939 speakers. 

However, the users experience a few issues with these JBL premium speakers. Some users are not happy because it does not come with speaker brackets. According to some users, it is difficult to understand the installation manual. 

The directions for installation are at times confusing. On the other side, some users are impressed with its price, bass sound, and balanced sound. A user says that you can easily hear those brass instruments and cymbals. 

Overall, there are more positive user reviews about these speakers. It proves the quality of these JBL GTO939 premium speakers. 

Will these speakers work with factory stereo touch screen 7 speaker alpine?

You should check the owner’s manual for this. If your stereo is rated at 4ohms and you install a 2ohms speaker, then it can be too loud. Also, the stereo can run hot and cause damage. 

Will these speakers work well with an alpine 300 amp?

best 4 channel amplifier

Yes, it will work well with an alpine 300 amp and other 4 channel amps.

What is Frequency Response

Frequency response in a loudspeaker is measured in Hertz or (Hz) This is a measure of how a speaker converts various frequencies of the input source. A good frequency response for example would be 20-20,000 Hz ±3dB, this means the speaker will transduce all frequencies in that range reasonably accurately.

  • JBL GTO939 6×9 Premium Speakers: What’s in the box?
  • A pair of 3-way speakers 
  • Two bottom mount adapters 
  • Instruction manual
  • Eight Allen head self-tapping screw 
  • Two gasket strips
  • Eight-speed clips
  • Two grilles and JBL logo badges 

JBL 6×9 Speakers: Conclusion 

The JBL STO939 speakers are great car speakers and are available at a pocket-friendly price. If you have a tight budget, then it is a perfect choice for you. They will provide you good quality clear audio. You will also get one year warranty. 

You can also return the speakers in 30 days if you do not like them. The warranty and money-back guaranty show the manufacturer’s confidence in these speakers. The JBL GTO939 speaker is the one that you can purchase with blind eyes. 

However, you should also check the user reviews before purchasing. The user reviews will build your confidence in the speakers. So that’s it for now. See you soon. Till then, do take care of yourselves and your family.

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