Alpine Coaxial Speaker Set Review

A large number of speakers can produce loud sounds. But only a few speakers can accommodate such a high level of power. Only a few speakers can replicate it with such consistency as the latest and enhanced Alpine coaxial speaker Type-R speakers. 

Along with many 6.5 coaxial speakers, the Alpine type-R speakers, you can get all of the strength managing and none of the fuzziness. Type-R speakers provide outstanding results, correlation, power, and bass intensity. You can enhance Type-R speakers for the ideal mix of power and influence.

Below I am going to describe more elaborated characteristics of the Alpine Coaxial Speaker Type-R 60

This Alpine SPR-60 Coaxial speaker set is one of the best for loud volume speakers. The Type-R speaker is a completely new system that generates a clean, smooth approach design specifically for use in automobiles.

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Class-Leading Compact Structure 

Type-R’s class-leading compact structure results in real-world power distortion elimination. At almost any sound stage, this results in improved bass quality as well as a clear, smooth, and distortion-free sound. 

It has used a multi-layered hybrid material woofer cone that provides a strong and uncolored vocal style and rhythm. The Type-R series’ latest reduced Germanium Magnetic enables for smaller speaker specifications.

Improved Efficiency and Power 

Not only do they improve efficiency and power, but their small size helps them learn to mount in a broader range of vehicles. Also, they are a lot smaller than classic styles. 

Moreover, these speakers rely on magnet innovation. Iron is used in conventional speaker frame designs and this structure makes them bigger and lighter. The innovative HD composite framework is used in the new Type-R series. 

Smaller and Easier to Mount 

This structure makes the speaker better, smaller, and easier to mount. The Type-R series maintains its illustrious credibility for power handling. Alpine’s proprietary Static Drive Motor is one of the reasons. It has a huge 30mm square-wire voice coil that is powered by thin, strong titanium magnets. 

Angular Velocity 

Additionally, this style provides angular velocity over a very large excursion. It helps in effectively converting the power of your amplification into a wonderful voice. When other processors fail in large quantities, Type-Linear R’s Drive Motor generates high-quality sound.

Furthermore, the speaker can be swiveled up to 15 degrees for improved sound balancing. It also helps in spatial modulation by concentrating sound where it should be, rather than at your feet.


  • Very clean, clear, and crisp sound 
  • High-quality sound system 
  • Provides strong and uncolored vocal style and rhythm 
  • Multi-layer hybrid material 
  • Small speaker specifications 


  • A bit louder 

Alpine Coaxial Speaker Type R Conclusion 

All my discussion was revolving around the Alpine SPR-60 Coaxial Type-R Speaker set. By reading this article thoroughly, you can easily get to know all the specifications of these speakers. So, don’t miss the chance! 

Under persistent power demands, these speakers work with precision and near-perfect balance.

I hope you found this article to be both informative and entertaining. So, I will wait for your response! 

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