Best 4 Channel Amps

best 4 channel amplifier

In this article, we outline the best 4 channel amps for your car or truck audio system. Coming in at number 1 we find that the Rockford Fosgate R300X4 Prime 4-Channel Amplifier

A standard car stereo system is not sufficient to produce high-quality audio. It’s not impossible to find a good system in some premium cars, but there are other inexpensive ways to improve your default stereo systems. You can find a great variety of automotive audio products that can improve your factory system’s performance.

The 4-channel car amplifier is an essential component that helps to boost the power of all your stereo devices at a much higher level. They’re highly compact and helpful to reproduce clear and loud audio output. However, it can be tedious to find an appropriate amp as they’re available in multiple sizes, types, and configurations. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best 4-channel car amplifiers.

Rockford Fosgate R300X4 Prime 4-Channel Amplifier

Rockford might not carry the same legacy as most established brands, but it has indeed produced some high-end premium quality audio gears in the last few years! Rockford Fosgate R300X4 is one more addition to the list of top-notch absolute best 4-channel car amplifiers currently in the market. The amp has dimensions of 13.1 x 6.7 x 1.98 inches, which is well under the compact range. 

With a 4-ohm output, Rockford Fosgate R300X4 will produce 50 watts per channel, which is relatively meager. But at 2 ohms, you get good 75 watts per channel, and with 4 ohms bridged system, you will get 2 x 150 watts. With a 12dB octave crossover and the cast aluminum heatsink with mounted controls on top, the heating issues are well under the problematic spectrum. Rockford features an A/B amp class topology, which is hands down the best audio-producing system. You are for sure looking at an unbelievably fantastic experience without any hassles with this amplifier!


  • Very easy to install
  • It doesn’t get hot very easily
  • Compact, fits perfectly under a standard passenger seat


  • Average watts per channel 
  • A bit expensive

Planet Audio Channel Car Amplifier – 1800 Watts

car amplifiers. This full-range amplifier is capable of operating your speakers, subs, and all stereo systems. At 2 ohms, you can get around 200 Watts x 4; but a bridged system at four ohms gives you an output of 400 watts per two-channel! Planet audio also features A/B topology with this amplifier, not to mention again that it’s the best AMP class you could get for the smoothest audio experience.

With dimensions of 10 x 10 x 2.4 inches, it should easily fit under most of the passenger seats. Planet Audio features variable Bass Boost, which lets you customize the low bass within the given range to get the best audio performance. The fixed High Pass filter enables you to filter the frequencies passing through the full-range speakers to avoid distortion. The bridgeable connection provides a massive increase in power output, making the four-channel beast an unbeatable bridged system! Also, considering the price you get it for, it’s fair to say that this is currently the best 4-channel amp at the affordable price range.


  • Bridgeable
  • High and low-level inputs
  • It comes with a variable bass boost


  • Gain control could be tough to figure out

Skar Audio SK-M4004D Compact 4-channel Amplifier

Featuring a lightning-fast MOFSET power supply, this extremely compact 4-channel amplifier under the brand name of Skar is the most durable, versatile, and reliable amplifier on the list. Don’t let the dimensions fool you; Skar Audio SK-M4004D might be the smallest amplifier you’ll stumble upon, but the sole purpose of Skar was to deliver enormous power in a small size. 

At 2 ohms, each channel will produce an output of 134 watts, which is quite decent. But at 4 ohms, you will be getting 80 watts per channel which is sub-par. With a sensitivity of 80 dB and a fuse rating of 40 amperes, it’s great to get this amplifier for a fantastic jamming session with no complaints on the quality! 

Skar also features 8-gauge power and ground input terminals with this amplifier and high-level input connections. The only downside is the Class D design, which is super-efficient but technically inferior to the other designs and likely to cause more heat issues. 


  • Extremely compact
  • Good power per channel at 2 ohms
  • Crisp and sleek audio output


  • Class D design
  • Likely to cause more heating issues

Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

Pioneer has been one of the most trusted brands in the market for a long time now. Their products are known to deliver outstanding output on a budget. Pioneer GM-A6704 features maximum power of 1000 watts and outperforms the majority of the four-channel amplifiers. With a variable high pass filter, Pioneer lets you block frequency through the full-range frequency as per your choice to avoid any distortion in the output. Also, you get the freedom to play around the bass levels with the adjustable bass booster!

Even though the dimensions of Pioneer are not essentially smaller anyway, it should be pretty easy to fit in this amplifier for most buyers. Anyways, it’s always advisable to have a range of dimensions you could fit inside your cars, so you know the upper bound when you are sorting out picks for a purchase. The installation part with Pioneer GM-A6704 is elementary and might not require any professional assistance.


  • Decent ampere rating
  • Affordable
  • Variable high pass filter


  • Could give some ground loop noises

Taramp’s TS 4 Channel Amplifier

Taramp’s TS has to be the most underrated 4-channel amplifier. It’s decently compact with no issues in accommodating it. It has an output wattage of 400 watts, and you will be getting 100 watts per channel at 2 ohms which is pretty good! With the signal-to-noise ratio being over 90 dB and an input sensitivity of 200mV, you should not be worried about the quality of sound you will get through this Taramp amplifier.

Evident by the customer reviews, Taramp’s cutting-edge technology blended with high output power makes it one of the best amps in the world. It packs immense power and doesn’t get easily overheated from heavy usage: everything an audiophile needs at a low budget.


  • Compact in size
  • Great input sensitivity
  • Decent power output


  • Installation could be tricky, might require professional help

Things to consider before buying the best 4 channel amps 


The majority of the time, most of the buyers end up concluding wrong information. The harsh truth is that even if the amplifier you purchased comes under a big brand name unless it’s from an authorized dealer or the producer, you aren’t entitled to any repairment service by the producers! Even though it might not sound fair, before buying an amplifier from any brand, look out for any authorization sign.


Most buyers are pretty intrigued by the power output while reading in detail about their favorite picks. The dimension of an amplifier should be well under the height you could fit under your seat! Even though it’s a no-brainer, some buyers assume that the quality of the sound produced by an amplifier goes directly proportional to the size of the amplifier. Anyone with proper knowledge would call a lie on that. Even quiet-small-looking amplifiers can deliver clean and desirable output, most importantly fitting perfectly under your seat, which should be an essential thing you should consider.


The continuous wattage the amplifiers advertise to produce might be a half-known lie; a little mathematics in few seconds will make you understand better. Taking an amplifier giving out 200 watts as an example, you are supposed to divide twice the watts by the voltage of the amplifier. If the quantity you get is x unless your amplifier features a fuse of rating less than x, it won’t be in any way will be able to push the 200 watts it claimed. That’s perhaps something most of the buyers are unaware of but could be a deal-breaker factor. Always look out for the size of the fuse to make sure you get what you are paying for! 

AMP Class

There are primarily two kinds of automotive audio systems you will run into – AB and D class. The AB class is so considered way superior in terms of producing better sound quality. Even though the difference between the sound quality might sound negligible to you, AB is any day better than D class to your ears. The downside is, AB is known to produce relatively much more heat than the D class. Perhaps the D class is considered way more energy efficient as it produces less heat. It’s still technically inferior to the AB class when we look at the bigger picture to produce better sound.

4 channel Amplifier Wiring

best 4 channel amps wiring

To ensure excellent durability of your amplifier, which could be prone to irreversible damages by a wrong choice, you need to get yourself great wiring for your amp! Since copper is considered the best and most efficient conductor of electricity, you should be looking at getting yourself an Oxygen-free copper (OFC) wiring kit for your amp.

Final Words About 4 Channel Amplifiers

Buying an ideal amplifier is crucial to power your custom car stereo systems. It doesn’t matter if you buy the most premium speakers; they’re worthless if your amplifier isn’t capable of powering them. I don’t recommend you to cheap out on an amplifier and go for a reputed brand. 

If you’re running low on budget, you can check out Taramp’s 400-watt amp. It’s highly compact and reproduces decent power output for a low-budget amp. If you can invest a little more, it’s better to go for Rockford Fostage or Pioneer amps as they offer a higher power output and many additional features.

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