C5-650X – jl audio speakers 6.5 Review

Are you looking to upgrade the sound system of your vehicle? You have come up at the right place! Here, we are going to review the C5-650X – jl audio speakers 6.5.

Co-axial speakers are considered by many as the best overall speakers for automotive use. Coaxial speakers are, as it points out, among the most frequently used types of speakers in the industry. So, what are coaxial speakers? Coaxial speakers are simply the main driver speaker with one or two extra speakers added to the face of the speaker, or, in the case of the C5-650x, the tweeter is mounted on the center cone.

The C5-650X setup consists of a 6.5-inch (165 mm) Driver, Plus a 0.75-inch (19 mm) Silk Dome Tweeter. 

I am going to inform you of the ultimate features and specifications of this C5-650X – JL Audio Coaxial Speakers. This is a coaxial speaker system with extraordinary sophistication and innovative capacity. These jl audio speakers are made in West Germany and have an amazing build quality.

C5-650X – jl audio speakers 6.5 Inch

jl audio speakers
jl audio speakers C5-650X

JL C5-650X Specifications

  • 2-Way Component Speaker System
  • Continuous (RMS) Power Handling, 75 watts per side
  • Converts from component to coaxial system
  • Top-mounting depth: 2-9/16 inches (65mm)
  • Frequency Response = 48-25,000 Hz ± 3 dB
  • Sensitivity = 93 dB, efficiency 90 db at 1W/1m.

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High-End Fabric Dome Speaker

It is created by combining the softness and clarity of a high-end fabric dome speaker with top-flight mid-bass efficiency. These 6.5-inch woofers are combined with Shawn Müller centers and springs. Also, the die-cast alloy buckets are included in the C5-650x jl audio speakers 6.5 system.

JL Audio’s extensive woofer layout and sophisticated modeling technologies support the amplifier. These are coaxially positioned speakers with 0.75-inch silk dome lubricants. This construction helps to provide quick, extended response both on and off the direction. 

Fit Comfortably

Furthermore, the C5 tweeter’s compact size reduces the tweeter bulge. This reduction makes C5 co-axials fit comfortably behind most manufacturer speaker fenders.C5 connector channels are small and feature high-quality components. These components are capacitance and differentiated air-core inductance. 

Crossover Network 

Furthermore, on the crossover network, there are four levels of tweeter amplification and three levels of mid-range adjustments for a total of 12 voicing varieties! Each speaker comes with a black bonnet tray and a black thick steel grille with an electro-fuse.

Proprietary Raised Frame Ventilation Systems 

JL Audio’s proprietary DMA-optimized motor and proprietary raised frame ventilation systems are used in the C5 speakers and tweeters. These components are precision-built in Germany. Due to DMA and meticulously designed stabilization layouts, mid-bass functionality is exceptional, making the C5-650X –6.5 jl audio speakers top class.

Besides that, there are full-price elements and highly versatile bridge systems used in these speakers. These speakers put it together for an extremely harmonic and stunningly seamless performance in your car.


  • Highs sounded fantastic and wonderful 
  • Clean and clear bass 
  • Exceptional mid-bass functionality 
  • Highly versatile bridge system 
  • Extremely harmonic and stunning sound 


  • Normal durability 

What is The Recommended Power Amplifier

best 4 channel amplifier

With a system efficiency of 89 db, these can be driven with a low power amplifier, however to get the best results an amp of between 25 and 150 watts RMS will be fine.

What Is A Silk Dome Tweeter?

jl audio silk tweeter

Silk used in tweeters has several benefits offering great characteristics as a tweeter diaphragm. Being a natural fibre it is very light with high quality damping abilities. With silk being a softer material compared to the traditional hard dome tweeters, they tend not to show as much high frequency extension. Silk dome tweeters are chosen by many audiophiles because of smoother high frequencies and overall balance.

Are jl Speakers Any Good

jl C5-650X speakers

jl audio speakers are very good quality speakers and are of exceptional build quality. They arent cheap speakers and quality isnt cheap, however they arent the most expensive on the market and will give those more expensive speakers a run for their money. The C5-650X is an exceptional loudspeaker system that is smooth, refined and dynamic

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My entire write-up is based on the detailed specifications about C5-650X – JL Audio Coaxial Speakers. Coaxial speakers can be known as a center ground between single cone speakers and more sophisticated part speaker systems. 

These speakers are famous because they provide better audio quality for a lower price than more premium speaker alternatives such as component speakers.

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