Infinity Car Speakers REF 3022 CFX

The Infinity REF 3022 CFX is a great pair of 3.5-inch speakers that can work with about every car stereo device. The sound quality is excellent in all frequency ranges, and the style, although delicate, is very attractive. Overall, these Infinity car speakers have excellent value for money.

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With the REF3022CFX, Infinity seems to have struck a good balance between effectiveness, consistency, and price. These speakers have a tweeter performance level that can be changed between 0 and +3 dB. That is, regardless of where the speakers are located, you can conveniently adjust the performance to your preferences.

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Infinity Ref 3022 Car Audio Speakers

Infinity Car Speakers REF 3022CFX Benefits and Features

The robust hi-roll rubber surround and rugged polypropylene woofer provide remarkably high sound for such a small speaker. Each Plus One+ woofer has a considerably larger cone than speakers of comparable size, giving the speaker’s smooth and precise highs plenty of punch.

These speakers can handle up to 25 watts RMS of power, making them suitable for use with an external amplifier as well as a factory radio or aftermarket stereo. Furthermore, as these 3-ohm speakers are combined with your vehicle’s speaker cable, your car stereo sees real 4-ohm impedance, allowing you to get a bit sounder out of your device. Factory grilles are suitable for most installations and are not included.

The REF3022CFX Infinity car speakers are built with the well-known infinity plus one technology, which gives the woofer a greater cone area than is typical for speakers in this range. As a result, sensitivity has increased, low-frequency performance has increased, and sound quality has improved significantly. The woofer is made of rugged polypropylene and has a long-lasting hi-roll rubber surround, resulting in excellent sound from a speaker of this height.

Edge – Driven Textile Tweeters 

The 1/2″ edge-driven, balanced textile tweeters in the Infinity REF3022CFX have exceptional visibility. The speaker reproduces very smooth music at all times, regardless of the performance speed, thanks to these tweeters. It brings out all of the details without being cruel at some point. Furthermore, these speakers have an adjustable tweeter output frequency that varies from 0dB to 3Db, allowing you to tailor the output to the location of the speakers.

The installation procedure is straightforward. However, you should keep in mind that certain changes might be needed for the REF3022CFX to fit properly in your vehicle. Almost immediately, you’ll note a significant contrast between these 3.5-inch speakers and your previous ones. You should not feel any unnecessary noise or vibration as long as the sound is held at an acceptable amount.

 Infinity Reference 375TX 3/4" Textile Dome Tweeters
Textile Dome Tweeter

Also, if your stereo system isn’t capable of supplying enough power to these speakers, you won’t be able to hear them to their maximum capacity, but using them with an outboard amplifier is a smart idea.

Infinity REF 3022CFX Woofer Cone 

The Infinity REF3022CFX has a Plus One woofer cone, which means the cones are slightly bigger than the standard size for this speaker line. As a result, the performance of the low-frequency spectrum has been improved, and the sensitivity value has been increased, resulting in excellent sound quality.

You won’t be able to hear these speakers to their full potential if your stereo system isn’t capable of providing enough power, so using them with an outboard amplifier is a good idea.The woofer cones on the Infinity REF3022CFX are Plus One, which means they are significantly larger than the normal size for this speaker line. As a result, the low-frequency spectrum’s output has improved, and the sensitivity value has increased. 

  • What others say 

GA. Mako Says 

In my 2015 Ram 1500 5.7L crew truck, I installed these in the front doors. Kicker DSC650 speakers were initially installed in place of factory speakers, but after a month of listening, I wasn’t fully satisfied. These, though, are the only options. They have it all: fantastic bass punch and detail without being overpowering in the lows, and a good, quiet, revealing treble. They’re a good match for the Alpine SPR69 6x9s in the back doors. In the future, I want to purchase more Infinity Car music.

Adventure ln Utah Says 

This package of speakers was bought to go with the soundbar in my Jeep JK. Using Metra’s speaker wire adapters, it was a straightforward installation (Metra 72-6514). I have used polyester fill to fill the speaker bar. I’m not sure how much of a difference they’ll make in a JK with the stock head unit, but with my Kenwood head unit. 

I could certainly hear a difference. The Infinity car speakers a punchy bass and are sharp and clean. I’m not claiming that any 6.5″ speaker can provide solid bass, but they are adequate for the job. The quality of these speakers was one of the factors that influenced my decision to buy them. And with just 22 watts coming from my head unit, they sound fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Infinity Speakers

What AMP should I pair with these speakers? 

best 4 channel amplifier

A four-channel amp or six-channel system would do, depending on whether you want more capacity for the tweeters. Few amps will be steady at 2 ohms, but mine will most likely be 3 ohms due to the parallel wiring. The resistance of an OHM is not always constant. Get a 50–100-watt RMS output power amp. The enhancement is nullified if the performance per speaker is less than 50 watts, but it should still be higher than the factory amp.

Do these speakers come with customize frame size? 

infinity car speakers

These speakers have a small footprint and a custom frame size that allows them to be mounted in almost every vehicle without modification. The Infinity car speakers can be installed almost anywhere, and the adhesive foam gasket strips come with them to aid in the mounting process by ensuring that the speakers are kept securely in place.

Does this speaker work with every power supply? 

Blaupunkt 1500W 4-Channel Amplifier

With less as 25 watts of RMS power, these Infinity car speakers are ready to go, and the good news is that they can even be powered with an external amplifier. The 3-ohm amplification of the speakers blends with the 4-ohm impedance of the speaker wire to produce 4–ohm, ensuring that you get the most out of the system. These speakers can also be used for any factory radio or aftermarket audio device.

  • Conclusion 

Overall, this is a wonderful pair of speakers that mix great looks with strong functionality to help you bring your audio experience to life without breaking the bank. You don’t even need to purchase a new stereo head unit or amplifier to see significant changes. These speakers will update your car audio for a very fair price if you don’t need head-banging volume and just want improved sound quality.

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