Pioneer 2 way 6×9 speakers – Review

The Pioneer 2 way 6×9 speakers, TS690-Pro mid-range car speaker is amazon’s choice in the car coaxial speaker’s category. It is available in two different styles 6-3/4” inch speakers and 8” speakers. The price of pioneer TS690pro speakers is nearly the same as the JBL GTO939. You can purchase this 2-way mid-range speaker for under $150.

But, price is not everything. The speaker should also have top-notch features and specifications. After checking the features, we can figure out that the speaker worth the price or not. So do you want to check out its features and specification, or go to check the latest price!

Pioneer TS6900PRO PRO Series 6 x 9
Pioneer TS690 2 Way Speaker

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Pioneer 2 way 6×9 speakers: Features

The Pioneer TS690 pro 6×9 2-way speaker is capable to handle 600 watts of power. You do not need to worry when you level up the volume to an ear-shattering level. The car pioneer speaker comes with the best sensitivity rating of 92 DB. 

It will give you the best sound quality without using a lot of power. The bass level of these Pioneer 2 way 6×9 speakers is pretty loud. If you are looking for car speakers with high-quality bass, then the TS690Pro can be the best choice for you.

The design of the pioneer TS690Pro speaker is also durable. There are stamped-steel frames to protect the speakers. It also helps the speaker to handle the physical blow. The size of these Pioneer car 2-way speakers is 6.75 x 9 inches. 

These all things will help the pioneer 2 way 6×9 speakers in producing high decibel sounds. The pioneer TS690Pro speakers come with 1” polyetherimide dome tweeters. The pioneer TS690Pro is specially designed for high sensitivity and handling. It serves the best sound quality without requiring too much investment. 

pioneer 2 way 6x9 speaker

You will also enjoy driving the car with the pioneer TS6900Pro 6×9 2-way speakers. It is a bit more expensive than the JBL GTO939 car speakers. But, if you want a high-quality sound, then you should consider these 2-way mid-range car speakers.

It will deliver the perfect balance of power handling from the bullet tweeters. The frequency response of these pioneer TS690pro speakers is 50Hz to 18 kHz. Its top-mount depth is 3 to 1/8” inch. The design of the pioneer TS690pro will make your car look more stylish. You will also get a one-year manufacturer warranty on these pioneer car speakers. 

Pioneer TS690Pro Car Speakers: Specifications

  • 6-1/2” inch pro series mid-bass car speaker drivers 
  • 92 db sensitivity rating 
  • 600 watts power handling 
  • Optimally blended pulp material 
  • 50Hz to 18 kHz frequency response 
  • One year warranty 
  • Comes with an oversized magnet motor structure 
  • 4 ohms impedance 
  • Corrugated speaker surround
  • 3-1/8” inch top mount depth 
  • 12.75 pounds weight 
  • Pioneer TS690Pro: What Others Are Saying?

There are more than 500 user reviews on amazon for these pioneer 2 way 6×9 speakers. According to a user on amazon, if you are looking for a low-mid bass response speaker, then this is the best option. 

The pioneer TS690pro is far better than other brands speakers for mid-bass. From 500 user reviews, most of the users are a fan of this affordable pioneer TS690pro feature. Some users say that the speakers are too heavy. 

However, the pioneer TS690Pro is compact compared to similar car 6×9 coaxial speakers. Because of the price, you cannot compare these pioneer TS690Pro speakers with any speakers. Some users also say that these speakers are easy to install. 

Some users are quite disappointed with these pioneer speakers. The pioneer 2-way 6×9 speakers come with a base that is disappointing for some users. But, most of the buyers become a fan of these car speakers. 

Pioneer TS690pro: Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Pioneer TS690pro: What’s in the box?
  • Pioneer 2 way 6×9 speakers
  • Mounting screws 
  • Short length wire with pre-crimped terminals
  • Cut out patterns 
  • Screws to bind to a mounting bracket 

Pioneer 2way 6×9 speaker: Conclusion 

Overall, the pioneer TS690pro speakers are one of the best car speakers on the market. We check many user reviews on Amazon. Most of the users are saying that these speakers provide excellent sound quality with a decent level of bass. 

The price of these pioneer TS690pro speakers is too low according to their features. The one-year warranty ensures the quality of these premium speakers. We highly recommend these affordable Pioneer 2 way 6×9 speakers. 

We hope that our review will help you to understand the features of these high-quality speakers. According to us, the pioneer TS69pro worth’s the price because of its sound quality and durability.

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